The Prickly Cow

This magical cocktail will wash away the weekly woes. The flavor profile: sweet like honey with a peppery little kick! This simple-to-make drink features the Hook’s Rub MAD COW, TX blended whisky, Topo Chico & prickly pear juice.

Method to make the PRICKLY COW:

○ Hook's Rub Mad Cow for the glass rim
○ 2 oz TX Blended Whiskey
○ 2 oz Topo Chico Agua Mineral
○ 2 oz Finest Call Prickly Pear mixer
○ Orange peel twist garnish
○ Ice

1. Chill glass with ice, discard
2. Rub rim with orange peel twist, set aside
3. Rim half of glass with Hook's Rub Mad Cow by using a salt rimmer or by pouring a couple of tablespoons of the seasoning on a plate, rubbing the edge of the glass with the juice of the orange, and rolling the glass in the Mad Cow
4. Fill glass with crushed ice
5. Layer in the following order by first pouring the TX blended whiskey, the Topo Chico and lastly the prickly pear mixer
6. Garnish with orange twist
7. Enjoy Responsibly

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