Our Story

jh - daybreak farmer's market

Hi, I'm Jared aka "Hook" which was a nickname given to me while playing sports as a kid. Let's just say it stuck! Before we get to the story of Hook’s Rub, I’ll tell y’all that God has immensely blessed our family. He helped us in sickness, in happy times and everything in between. We are thankful to Him for all of his blessings and will stand firm on our faith in Him! I can do ALL things through Him who gives me strength! - Philippians 4:13

I was born and raised in the melting pot known as Houston, Texas. My parents were from two distinct food regions, Louisiana and Mississippi, which both have long historic ties to different multi-cultural foodways. I grew up eating Cajun, southern comfort food, Texas BBQ staples and among many other cuisines, Tex-Mex... A LOT of Tex-Mex!

I have worked in several different restaurants from world-renowned 5-Star fine dining steakhouses, to Tex-Mex, Brazilian, sports stadium, private catering and more. I am also a competition cook in BBQ (Rose Creek BBQ & Texas Smoke Bros.), steak and dessert (Hook's Rub Comp Team). Adding in Texas-based flavor profiles to my seasoning blends and food creations has initiated a different perspective on what we know as "Texas BBQ."

We have an active, creatively artsy and athletic son and a daughter who is a future marketing director, rock star and fashionista! We moved to the Salt Lake City area in 2015 from Fort Worth, TX. 

Hook's Rubs and Spices is has become one of the most recognizable labels in the Utah BBQ scene as well as the entire west coast and Texas in backyards, BBQ specialty stores and hardware stores. We started this company due to a severe food allergy one of the kids had while realizing there were a lot of foods and oddly enough some seasonings in the cabinet which had ingredients or contaminants from those allergies. The brand was born and operated in Ft. Worth, TX in 2014 and has steadily grown ever since. Salt Lake City is now our headquarters (still registered in Texas as well). We have connected with new and old fans, many stores, the news media, social media personalities, restaurants and food trucks who carry or use our products.

We are Hook's Rubs & Spices -- We make barbecue seasonings and dry rubs for all meats, vegetables and even easy to make craft cocktails. We do this for the love of family, food and flavor. We were born and bred in Texas. The barbecue state. Search #WeSmokeMeat -- Allergy friendly. Keto & Paleo Friendly. No MSG. No Artificial Colors or Flavors.

Appreciate ya for reading!

Matthew 7:12 -- Philippians 4:13