Old Fashioned Roots w/Smokin Sweetness for #HooksRubThirstyThursday 🥃

Old Fashioned Roots w/Smokin Sweetness for #HooksRubThirstyThursday 🥃⠀

We love the dialed up sophistication of this simple to make cocktail. The Smokin Sweetness adds a sweet/smoky layer of flavor that’s unexpected. We amended the traditional old fashioned drink with the root beer toned Jeremiah Weed whiskey. Every ingredient player took a major role to team up for one heck of a new take on an old drink!⠀

Recipe for grownups below.
The main ingredients (only for those 21+, please drink responsibly):⠀

-Hook’s Rub Smokin Sweetness⠀
-Jeremiah Weed Root Beer flavored whiskey ⠀
-hella Orange Bitters⠀
-Luxardo maraschino cherries⠀
-Oranges slices⠀
-Demerara Sugar⠀
- 2x Splashes of Water⠀
-1-3 Large ice cube or ice ball (if not available, use crushed ice)


1. Grab a drink rimmer, pour some Smokin Sweetness in the empty spot where the salt goes (or use plate). Then pour lemon juice in it (or in a plate), then dip the glass into the lemon juice, then Smokin Sweetness.  
2. In the highball glass, add in 2x Luxardo Marachino Cherries, 1 tbs Demerara Sugar, 1 slice of Orange, 5-6 shakes of hella Orange Bitters, & 2x splashes of water.
3. Using a muddler or a wooden spoon, smash/squish the contents making sure to mask the cherries and Orange rind to your preference. Pro Tip: This is a crucial step as it allows the natural oils of the fruit to meld with the bitters and water which creates more depth of flavor. 
4. Add in your ice, then pour in 2x oz of Jeremiah Weed. 
5. Using a bar spoon or long handled  teaspoon, swirl the drink around 5-10 times to kick in the cold activation!
6. Add more ice if needed and garnish with a cherry and an orange slice.
7. Take a sip and enjoy responsibly!

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