Spiked Purple Stuff Cool Cup

Purple Stuff Cool Cup for Hook’s Rub Thirsty Thursday ft Hooks Rubs Midnight, Sugar House Distillery vodka, Sprite & Kool-aide

We threw it back to our childhood in Houston with this fun little glass of spiked nostalgia! We used to freeze kool-aide in plastic cups and scrape the top with a spoon or lick it like a popsicle til we got a brain freeze! You remember the  Sunny D commercial with the “purple stuff?” Yeah, that’s this with a little extra drank!⠀

This is SUPER simple to make and can be adjusted for a non-alcoholic kids drink! We even add in the smoky spicy sweet flavor of our Midnight Rub on the garnish! Adult & Kid-friendly recipes below! ⠀

-Highball glass
-Grape Kool-Aide
-Hook’s Rub Midnight
-Orange & cherry for Garnish

Adult recipe:
1. Mix a butt load of grape Kool-aide with water, sugar and Sprite, then pour into a highball glass about 3/4 of the way up. (If you fill it too high, the free if process will make the drink overflow. ⠀
2. Pop the glass in the freezer until the liquid is frozen. ⠀
3. Remove from the freezer and pour on 2 oz of Sugar House Distillery vodka⠀
4. Garnish with a cherry and a slice of orange dipped in our Midnight rub. ⠀
5. Enjoy & Drink Responsibly⠀

To Make the Kid’s Version:⠀
1. Mix a butt load of grape koolaide with sugar and Sprite, then pour into a plastic solo cup.⠀
2. Pop the cups in the freezer until frozen. ⠀
3. Remove from the freezer and enjoy with a spoon!⠀
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Cutting board from my friends at Merrywolf Woodworking.



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