Potato & Egg Breakfast Taquitos

Potato & Egg Breakfast Taquitos

As a part of our tailgate recipe series, we bring you one of our favorites, the breakfast taquito! Dish recipe features our H-Town AP rub and also our Tacos Everyday bro. This is one of the easiest early morning tailgate recipes. You can make to get game day start off right!

This is a recipe that can be made ahead of time on a skillet and griddle pan in the house or in the parking lot at the game on an outdoor griddle. The recipe can also be multiplied to make for a crowd.

Enjoy this meal at the stadium tailgating with friends before the game or at home if you're cheering on your team while home-gating!

Hook’s Rub Tacos Everyday & H-Town AP Rub
2x Tortillas
1 Cup Shredded Cheese
2x Large Eggs
2x Hash Browns or 1 Cup Diced Potatoes
1-2 Tbs Butter
1-2 Tbs Milk
(Optional Ingredients and Toppings)
Bacon (chopped and fried)
Chives or Onion (diced)
Sliced Jalapeno (or diced)
Smoked Queso
Pork or Beef Breakfast Sausage
Sliced Sausage Links
Pico De Gallo

Sharp Knife
Cutting Board
Mixing Bowl
Cast Iron Skillet & Griddle Pan (or Optional Outdoor Griddle)
Plate or Serving Dish
(If making ahead, cut a sheet of aluminum foil large enough to wrap the individual taquitos in)

1. Heat Skillet (or outdoor griddle) to medium and drop in butter to begin to melt.
2. Add hash browns or potatoes, season with H-Town AP and chop/mix occasionally for 5-7 minutes until golden brown. (this is also where you'd want to brown the meat or other veggies until desired donness)
3. Remove potatoes from heat and onto a plate or serving dish.
PRO TIP: Do not scrape the skillet clean as the bits of leftover goodness in the pan is called the "fond" and can be used for flavor later in the cook.
In a bowl, crack eggs, splash in milk and season with Tacos Everyday and H-Town AP rub to taste. Whisk until well incorporated. Set aside for a moment.
4. Heat griddle pan on medium high heat and warm tortiallas for 1-2 minutes per side being careful not to scorch or burn them. Set tortillas on serving dish off the pan and heat.
5. While tortillas warm up, place skillet back on medium heat and add in eggs. Scramble the eggs until desired doneness and then add in potatoes to warm for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Remove mixture from heat.
6. On a plate or serving dish stack a tortilla, egg and potato mixture, shredded cheese and and other desired toppings), then a scoop of salsa. Roll up the tortilla like a burrito. (If wrapping in foil for later, omit the salsa and bring to the tailgate as a side topping)
7. Enjoy while hot.

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