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Grab the Brisket Cocktail

Grab the Brisket CocktailHave you ever reached around and grabbed a brisket? As long as you didn't squeeze the juice out of the meat, you had a juicy, tender, slow smoked hunk of meat that makes your mouth water.

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Purple Mule Cocktail/Mocktail for Hook’s Rub Thirsty Thursday

Purple Mule Cocktail/Mocktail for #HooksRubThirstyThirsday You ever seen a purple mule? No? Well you have now! We made this simple and delicious purple-toned variation on…

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The Blue/Orange Margarita with Hook’s Rub Lemon Pepper

The Blue/Orange Margarita with Hook’s Rub Lemon Pepper! Step on in to Hook’s Rub Thirsty Thursday with us! This Blue/Orange Margarita looks dazzling &  luxurious, but it’s really easy to put together! Using Hook’s Rub Lemon Pepper to add flavor, color and a citrus twang...

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