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Momma's Potato Salad... Kinda!

  Momma's Potato Salad... Kinda! Every holiday, family gathering and sometimes "just because," our momma, makes the best potato salad. Now we know how polarizing potato salad can be especially in BBQ circles and even more in "The South!" This is one of those dishes you sneak a little spoonful of as the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared. It's chunky, smooth and loaded with mustard, salad dressing, eggs and more. It's simple, yet insanely delicious.This recipe tries to get close to our mom's, but couldn't hold a potato masher to it! So that’s why it’s “kinda” our momma’s potato salad. Try this out and let us know what you and your family think!Prep Time: 5-10 minutesCook Time: 25-45 minutes & Optional 2...

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